Two roads diverged and Frost wasn’t there with me…>.>

Right then…two roads diverged on a yellow wood and long I stood, and as one traveler I leaned forward as far I could to where the undergrowth …well you get the idea

It sure has been forever since I came here, well let’s recap what happened. I can’t believe how life can really take you to places you would never expect to go. In a way I think ever since that publishing job I have come across a lot of interesting paths. One of them is getting to know God and Jesus. I want to be more like Jesus, but boy you know He is totally patient and totally awesome..and that is HARD to copy..though I want to. I sure have been trying to get to a closer relationship with God. One other thing that I am trying to do is to have a stable job. Through my series of job hunts and self searching of the soul I have met lots of different bosses, colleagues and situations, in which I would like to say that taught me quite a few useful things. Like how people can be conceited and a total ass towards newbies. That is what God calls pride…well what they are doing is pride…a few who are good to me are surely the doings of God..for God speaks through His children…and those with pure hearts. I have been under probation….for a while and I sure hope that they confirm me. Handling customers on the phone sure isn’t easy. Sure you meet the nice ones..and the REALLY nice ones..but you sure as hell meet the fuckers and the ass fuckers. I tell ya people can be really ignorant, stupid, selfish, evil and soulless. I think it’s due to insecurity and selfishness. I sure as heck hope they see their wrongs. I wonder why people like that still pray to God and are still considering themselves in a religion. It’s really funny that way.

Anyway..all in all I like the perks of the job, it offers me great benefits and one of them is travel. It’s good. I want to see places..and friends…

Hmm..what can I say about the job so far..well I have to say that I am doing pretty good considering how they promised me that a supervisor would be guiding me one on one. Which is just a pack of damn lies. Those guys could weasel their way out of a wholesale in a shopping mall. Heck, they could stretch their way through a damn congested road puffed with wholemeal bread. Who the hell cares. I just think they are total morons. Still, on the other hand I think I picked up a few things as I learn on my own and ask questions. They may be leaving me alone and talking bad behind my back..yes I know you bitches have been trying to get me fired. Deny? Ha. Save it for the Judge…and I don’t mean the court kind.

God helps those who help themselves. And remember you little humble..for God can at anytime make the humble great and the great humble.

Unfortunately people nowadays lack in faith. I don’t understand why people want to mistreat people when they themselves hate to be mistreated. It’s just funny. I actually wanted to study psychology because I wanted to understand people better but I ended up in Mass Comm which I do not regret at all in taking. It was worth every penny and second. In fact if an opportunity for a degree comes along I’ll seize it. I am gonna keep job hunting while I am here. Yes I know..I mean I want to be in a job long enough to gain experience but at the same time it doesn’t mean I can’t keep looking for an ideal job that would make me happy right?

I think I have developed as a person in terms of way of thinking, handling things and skills. Be it as it may that those supervisors deny that I am making progress I know I am. God knows it. That is more important.

I realise who are truly your true friends. I’m pretty much thankful for a friend who is there for me always. She recently got me a bible which is awesome. Her birthday is coming..I wanna take her to TGIF and stuff.

I saw this cool swatch watch I wanna get.

You know sometimes I feel so fucking fed up with my job and I think the fact that I get on with it deserves brownie points. I have been writing to a couple of friends snail mail and I think it’s awesome. My friend from Manchester and I are getting closer..or so I hope. I got an Express Music N5310 and it’s dead sweet!

I have just added “what I want” on my list..and that is the Swatch watch! Whoot. The Nintendo wii is still over want to buy the ps3 anyways..hopefully the price will fall come December. hmm..what else to say? …hmm…eh..I guess I’ll get back again when I have more to say!

Peace out

The L-H

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