am loving itâ„¢

McD’s! Yum. Yeah Exams are over. Hope I did well. Instincts have told me I’ve done my best this sem. Even for media planning. Yasmin’s well..actually nicer..lord. What happened..? lol. Anyway everything’s all right now. Film studies was a drag. but it is finally done. The gang are doing the editing. Well at least they’re doing something right? Yeah. So anyway am enjoying the break finally. Am a bit nervous about the internship though. Hope I get into a company I’ll be comfy with. Sigh. They said it’ll be 60% evaluation from school and 40% from workplace. Crazy. Isn’t the school supposed to be handling only 40 and workplace 60? Arhg. Christmas is coming and I am so excited. Wish am going to Penang but am not. Sigh, intending to get Xbox..or PS2..also part time job. Which reminds me..must go find now.

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