It has ended. Thank God.

Personally I have had enough of thinking pink. It sucks. Period. I mean I am definitely open about a lot of things…but if anyone of you mentions pink to me..grrr…The event was actually okay. I was outbid on some autographed Hanson CDs..and some Rooster ones too..T___T they had some pink T-shirts and CDs too..T_____T I wanted the autographed Hanson CDs so much. Sniffles. Anyway the only fun part I did enjoy throughout the whole thing was the Harith Iskandar standup comedy. He’s damn funny. I like him. yay. Too bad I thought it was lame to ask for his autograph. Well the event died away when some guy started singing. I didn’t like him at all. Then there was this cute girl, to me anyways..a friend of that drama queen in a class of mine, Aishah Sinclair..cute cute cute. She dances..ooh. But well it may have not been quite the Jennifer Lopez/Shakira/pussycat dolls but she did reasonably well. I must say it was because I was too busy looking at her. Hahaha. Hope Jade doesn’t mind me Sinclair’s a nice girl but I only have the heart for Jade. lol. I would like to consider myself a bachelor eventhough I am dating girls….technically anyway. Online I mean. Hell I’m not married, I’m entitled to look at as many women as I want. LOL. Shhh..don’t tell her I said that! She’d be hurt. See? I’m sweet aren’t I? lol. I must admit those days of English in high school is really taking a toll on me. Grammar mistakes whereever I Thank goodness for Mrs Tan. I can always refer to her if I ever need a check up on my written work. Hm. I spoke to my teacher yesterday and well tomorrow I’ll talk to her about the problem I’ve been having around with me. The counsellor made me feel better. She’s not really experienced but she’s okay for a start I suppose. I really hope things work out. I really do have hopes for my studies and Jade. Wish me luck.

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