recovery mode

Hey hey it’s either it’s temporary but depression mode is fading off a bit. Dude. Okay I may not shop like a loon nor do I even enter clothes shops. I do that if I want or need to get a shirt, jeans, or t-shirt (even a backpack or sneakers/cap) but shopping DOES make one happy yay. I wish though that I could have gotten a book. I’ve been wanting to get a James Patterson book. I gave that Dan Brown book a chance and it’s pretty intriguing. You know how they say that you only have 5-10 seconds to grab a customer’s attention? Dude hooked me in with the first sentence. I think I’ll go check and see if I can get the book out of the library. dad thinks I shouldn’t read before break. WTF. Up theirs I’d say. I need to take a break now and then too don’t I!?!!! Sheesh. What a mook. Neways I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get any book. I have Monday break because it’s labour’s day man.Oh yeah I got a T_shirt. yay.It hurts to say but the Harry Potter Book 6 is now only like 39.90!!!! God. so totally learned my lesson. I am so not gonna buy it there and then, I’d wait for it to chill..T___T..then I’d get a cheaper price on it..hopefully.But you know I would never heed on my own advise. But again we’ll never know. I think I should get my confidence back so I can focus on my classes again. People’s opinions and insults should not barrier me from succeeding.

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