Finally journals are done, revisions are being made and exams are coming. Whew. What a short semester. Hope things turn out okay. I got sick after I submitted the blasted journal and finishing everything for one of my subject’s final assignments. Sheesh. I hope I do well this exam. We did some revision today. One of my classmate’s birthday is tomorrow but they didn’t invite me..big deal. Anyhoo,I got school tomorrow too. Arg, they have a mass communications club president election..again!No way am I going. Last time it was..well..I left after signing my name..LOL. One other reason why I am not going is because Lisa might show up. She gets barred from exams but clubs won’t get in her way. She’ll show up for clubs..sure she will. You can bet dollars on it she will. Stupid cunt bitch whore slut. WHEW. She deserves it after the mean and rude way she treated me. She ain’t worth my time anyways. Ain’t got a heart either..oh well now to IMPORTANT things. I am recovering it’s good.

It’s been a while since I felt this peaceful..I don’t know if it’s a good sign or not but peace should be God’s way of calming one’s soul right? I thank God for guiding me so far. I am very grateful. I want to get loads of stuff right now but am trying to decide on whether I should or not. I want a
-gameboy xp
-a lemony snicket book
-a new watch
-or a nici stuffed animal. sigh sigh sigh

So many things but have to decide..sigh. I could put one of them on hold for my birthday and Christmas..*ponders* ..hm.I have saved money from college everyday. I got up to a hundred plus. I wanna buy something for myself..really. It’s not fair that John has a PSP in his room and I ain’t got a game console at all!! I want some happiness!!!!

Eggy site : http://www.pickle-green.com/egraphics/main.php?id=eggs

How to make a B

3 parts intelligence
3 parts courage
3 parts instinct

Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little wisdom if desired!

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