Here is what happened


submitted: 1:20am

Pretty flower
who the sun grows fonder
just by looking at her
for a minute of an hour

in all of my labour
I worked hardest on her
watering her so she would grow

The timbers
who watched her all brought her
fresh breeze for the summer
shade from spring
berries of red and orange as autumn colours
would bring

She is as majestic as a snowy swan
her feathers though ruffled showed regal
and grace
much more is said for her mona lisa face
which now I tell you is where sorrow takes place…

The curvasive streams of golden brown hair
asian based
locked upon her lightly olive skin

I saw her today
and I thought ‘ What harm if I confront her now?’
still doubt renewed
while she chatted on her phone
while her hair blew like needles through a thimble
her smiles could nibble parts of my soul

I put a hand upon her arm
and heat bethrothed me
like a swarm of bees
I felt emotionally warm

For days I harvest a secret from her
today I will tell her
and let loose my anxiety
it’s getting as thick as leather

I didn’t a peep
she told me to be
and then progressively
ignored me

It came to conclusion
my tries were futile
as her excuses were as long
as her call on her mobile

It was when she cried
because a problem arose
and I tried to console her
I barely got her to take my tissue
but dear God my attraction on her
must be her lethal issue!

She barked :
“Be gone with you,
Vagrant fool!
You annoy me too much as it already is!
GET LOST! right now!

It was then I felt a feeling I haven’t since long had angels gone missing
in heaven.

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