new stuff.

oh boy where to start? Hm. Okay .Lisa is being plain mean. and Jade thinks I should have confronted her by now. Lol. I should just kick Lisa off a cliff and date Jade. yes. that’s a good idea. lol. I recall something she said”I don’t care how you are, but I love you.” Which is so sweet. I have been up to the walls with doing assignments. Finals are approaching and I have visually lost my head. God will guide me to the right path eventually. In terms of college work of course and life. Hopefully while He is at it, He can help me get a new girlfriend too. Uh. I’d date Jade, but she’s still so far away! Come here Jade! Lol.

You would never believe it but that cheap woman Cole broke up with her girlfriend and expects me to comfort her? She wishes!After ruining my college education before you’d think I’d let her again? NO WAY! phuck you ho! She can go be glum on her own. She ruined my life once already ..actually twice. So yeah. I’m a lot smarter and wiser now. With God’s guidance, I will eventually figure life out and possibly with His wisdom and grace I will get to where I want to be. I am quite content with my college life. But the assignments are just stressing me out. Group members aren’t doing nuts. I am going to do it on my own if they don’t show me progress by tomorrow or Wednesday. I have to put my foot down and show them who’s boss, eventually.Well, I am feeling rather hurt. But this will pass. It has something to do with how Lisa was being such a meanie to me, like ignoring me on purpose! Geez , like if you’re saying in my face “I don’t hate you. why should I hate you?” then at least pretend like you mean it. Sheesh. Jade’s right. Well If I do see her I’ll tell her and get it over with. In a few weeks time I’ll look at this and laugh. Yes, I heal faster now. Huzzah for me. Hope all goes well for all of you as I hope for myself too.God bless.




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