Hoo hoo!

Hey guys, it’s a new day and I’m up and about. I am currently in the ‘house’ for now because I finished my morning class two hours ago. I feel relaxed today. Hey the hotel management,catering and tourism had a little “free semi buffet” thing today at a mock restaurant they have in the cafeteria. I must say I regretted for not trying the sandwiches but I have to say those guys improved a hell lot. Great job guys! I am not doing much at the moment, just enjoying the quiet and all. Well we have a little mock conference next week in class, we’re gonna interview an ex newscast/producer feller. *shrugs* Anyhoo, I’m feeling good, if not in need of a shower. I am so relaxed this sem but I swear I am still worried about my studies. It’s a thing. But I am not as worried as I was in my first sem. It kinda chilled in the 2nd and froze on the third..or not so much so. I could have sworn I saw Lisa today. Okay one part of me says “BITCH” and “GO AWAY now” and then “Stupid Stupid stupid.Why did you even bother about her at all?!” Then it’s back to emo again. Yay emo.

Anyways, I have another class later on at 4 so yeah. Things are alright today. I love quiet. The ride to school this morning wasn’t too smooth, my mother’s car bumped another person’s. Her car wasn’t too bad but my mom’s was. The frickin’ fella didn’t even had the decency to overlook it. Goes to show you how many Good Samaritans we have today. We do have our good share but hey what’s one more right? Noooo she’s just plain selfish is what she is. Good news is the insurance will handle the repair so no money damage, internally -housewise anyway. So yeah. Uh..I want to do something fun but I don’t know what yet.Like a movie or something. I so totally am itching to get a gameboy advance. sniff. I am also totally slacking off my “part time job” hunt. I should do something about that soon. perhaps decide soon. lol. Phil Collins rock!


I saw Madonna’s 80’s music videos and boy is she hot. I love the dyke hair style she had in both the videos I saw.
“Who’s that girl” and something else..I forgot the other title. Ahh those good old days when I was a small kindergarten kid. Toys r us and stuff. Lol. Nothing to worry about. Sigh. Well everything has its goods and bads. I suppose I should leave all this to God. He has been guiding me so far so yeah. Anyways. Visit Phillip’s blog if you are around the neighbourhood!

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  1. Madonna was the gay and lesbian icon for that generation and still is today, i guess, judging by how well her new album was received among the local gay and lesbian community. Her latest album that hit the streets in Malaysia was actually launched at one of KL’s hottest nightclubs and known for its gay attractions. That’s saying something, doesn’t it? The appeal that she has is still going strong despite being a middle-aged auntie. ^_^

  2. Middle age aunty my foot! I’d make out with her anyday! 😀

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