Well, a lot has happened. College is alright. I’m quite content. But I cannot begin to express how frustrated I am. I saw Lisa yesterday and had not said a word. She was waving at me, at that moment I wished with all my might that she was mine. Alas. Sweet love is bitter. Well I definitely wasted my time over at my cousin’s place. He showed me his trampoline. Which was fun actually. But his grandparents are spoilsports they did not welcome me. I got two words for them. I won’t say it to you of course! Wouldn’t you know it..I was sexually harrassed by my cousin’s maid. Bitch. She does that again and I’ll slice her bitch-like arm off. She’ll rue the day if she harrasses me again. I won’t want to go over to my cousin’s house again. Not without purpose anyways. They are great but his grandparents don’t want him to have fun. Go figure.

Aside from all this I am fine. Chinese new year this year is no hoot for me. It’s alright. I saw a lion dance performance in college. It annoyed me that my best class mates found it noisy and needless. Lion dances are awesome! They bring good luck and they are very hard to master. I miss those days when I was a kid and my folks would have one come to our real home. My happier days was being a small five year old kid. my kindergarten days. I did not have a happy school life. I have a good college life now. I had a good job before I enrolled into tertiary education.But I am happy nonetheless in my present college now. I didn’t have REAL school friends anyway. Apart from making amends with a friend who’s now doing a journalistic job right now, I didn’t like my secondary school at all. What with people being two-faced and shit. I figured. I’d give them the finger when I make it out there.They’re not worth my time.

The news is even saddening. There’s a riot about this caricature they made of the muslim religious icon. Which is beyond rude and stupid, it’s unethical and beyond intelligence. It’s outright rude to make fun of people’s religious figure Idiots. I hope those people who were responsible for the caricature get the punishment they deserve. Truth be told, a guy was interviewed in BBC and I agree with him that people should be civil about things and talk things through instead of reacting like those heathen-so-called-cartoonists.Honestly I don’t like what they did. It’s wrong.

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