Two roads diverged and Frost wasn’t there with me…>.>

Right then…two roads diverged on a yellow wood and long I stood, and as one traveler I leaned forward as far I could to where the undergrowth …well you get the idea

It sure has been forever since I came here, well let’s recap what happened. I can’t believe how life can really take you to places you would never expect to go. In a way I think ever since that publishing job I have come across a lot of interesting paths. One of them is getting to know God and Jesus. I want to be more like Jesus, but boy you know He is totally patient and totally awesome..and that is HARD to copy..though I want to. I sure have been trying to get to a closer relationship with God. One other thing that I am trying to do is to have a stable job. Through my series of job hunts and self searching of the soul I have met lots of different bosses, colleagues and situations, in which I would like to say that taught me quite a few useful things. Like how people can be conceited and a total ass towards newbies. That is what God calls pride…well what they are doing is pride…a few who are good to me are surely the doings of God..for God speaks through His children…and those with pure hearts. I have been under probation….for a while and I sure hope that they confirm me. Handling customers on the phone sure isn’t easy. Sure you meet the nice ones..and the REALLY nice ones..but you sure as hell meet the fuckers and the ass fuckers. I tell ya people can be really ignorant, stupid, selfish, evil and soulless. I think it’s due to insecurity and selfishness. I sure as heck hope they see their wrongs. I wonder why people like that still pray to God and are still considering themselves in a religion. It’s really funny that way.

Anyway..all in all I like the perks of the job, it offers me great benefits and one of them is travel. It’s good. I want to see places..and friends…

Hmm..what can I say about the job so far..well I have to say that I am doing pretty good considering how they promised me that a supervisor would be guiding me one on one. Which is just a pack of damn lies. Those guys could weasel their way out of a wholesale in a shopping mall. Heck, they could stretch their way through a damn congested road puffed with wholemeal bread. Who the hell cares. I just think they are total morons. Still, on the other hand I think I picked up a few things as I learn on my own and ask questions. They may be leaving me alone and talking bad behind my back..yes I know you bitches have been trying to get me fired. Deny? Ha. Save it for the Judge…and I don’t mean the court kind.

God helps those who help themselves. And remember you little humble..for God can at anytime make the humble great and the great humble.

Unfortunately people nowadays lack in faith. I don’t understand why people want to mistreat people when they themselves hate to be mistreated. It’s just funny. I actually wanted to study psychology because I wanted to understand people better but I ended up in Mass Comm which I do not regret at all in taking. It was worth every penny and second. In fact if an opportunity for a degree comes along I’ll seize it. I am gonna keep job hunting while I am here. Yes I know..I mean I want to be in a job long enough to gain experience but at the same time it doesn’t mean I can’t keep looking for an ideal job that would make me happy right?

I think I have developed as a person in terms of way of thinking, handling things and skills. Be it as it may that those supervisors deny that I am making progress I know I am. God knows it. That is more important.

I realise who are truly your true friends. I’m pretty much thankful for a friend who is there for me always. She recently got me a bible which is awesome. Her birthday is coming..I wanna take her to TGIF and stuff.

I saw this cool swatch watch I wanna get.

You know sometimes I feel so fucking fed up with my job and I think the fact that I get on with it deserves brownie points. I have been writing to a couple of friends snail mail and I think it’s awesome. My friend from Manchester and I are getting closer..or so I hope. I got an Express Music N5310 and it’s dead sweet!

I have just added “what I want” on my list..and that is the Swatch watch! Whoot. The Nintendo wii is still over want to buy the ps3 anyways..hopefully the price will fall come December. hmm..what else to say? …hmm…eh..I guess I’ll get back again when I have more to say!

Peace out

The L-H

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The journey so far

Thus the journey
I lead is tedious
like an unkempt garden
a wayward thought…
lest in detest otherwise..
I shall keep upon the path
be it a rowdy one..
or a delightful one (like eating a Turkish delight)
I shall move on as long as the sun may rise..

The Lord is my light
my walking stick
my teacher
my guide
my strength

In hope that one day I will reach the eternal kingdom
where my journey will end
and a new one begins..

It’s been long. I thought I’d never come back here. It’s weird. I finally completed my college course. Diploma in Mass Communications. Praise the Lord indeed, praise the Good St. Anne. Praise God in heaven and all the angels and saints. I have arrived at one of my desired destinations.

My convocation is in August 25th 2007 and I’m so excited. So much has happened. And some I will say without consideration that it was unpleasant like eating medicine.

I finally got my ps2 and I got a Nici Stuffed animal. Happiness:).

Now. They say your first job is very important. Is that true? Let me tell you it was no walk in the park.

In fact it was a total fiasco. I gotta say I didn’t expect the woman tyrant to hire me. Now it was in the papers and it said “Immediate vacancy” it was for a publishing house. I figured okay..just go to the interview. Fine. Boy was I in for it. First of all I spent like what seemed to be 4-5 hours waiting. yes that was for waiting. So while waiting we had to fill in a form. Right. So I did. THEN we had a test. Oh my god a test? one question was based on creativity ..and another based on business.

Anyway it was a bad bad decision. She actually hired me on the spot. Which was very very surprising. and at a good pay too. Well there’s a saying that goes like “Nothing comes without a price..”

Or somewhat.

And it’s quite true. So the first day was fine. I left about 7 something. Then later on, it became later and later and LATER. And the work became even more hectic and beyond human capacity. Much less than sense and toleration level. The wonder she was paying so high. So we could deal with her bitchy attitude and the craziness of the staff.

Let me explain.

First there was a stupid ass fuck ex teacher who can’t get her head on straight. One might think she was experiencing menopause or perhaps a brain disease. Or both. Then there is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, OBESE man. Just looking at him would give you arthritis, blood pressure and a heart attack- all of which I am sure he was liable of getting.

Then..there was that ridiculous need for daily meetings. Lord almighty..I thought it was insane. Unreasonable. Then. There was her stupid retard party with her (I have pity on them) kids. It seemed that she wanted to pinch money so it was an open house cum birthday party for her off spring son.

Now. For most people they might ( I suppose) have more tolerance than me. But I am a very frank person. Very frank indeed. The OBESE man started to come strongly on me. I could have made a police report and snag his sorry balless and dickless ass.

He must be one sorry son of a bitch because he must have been hitting on every new girl that came in the office. Lord almighty. Truly.

So anyway at first I thought he was being funny. So I didn’t mind but then he started to sexually harass me.

Then if that wasn’t enough they have fucking cameras everywhere.

and if that wasn’t enough…no messenger!

Creative field indeed. Stunted more like.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

No wonder(According to an inside source) that people there kept leaving and new people come in unbenknowst to this untimely fate.

I would have to say that it made me stress and gave me skin irritation. I kept feeling depress and that wasn’t very good.

Rm 1500 for that kind of fuck shit? I beg to differ.

So I quit. That must have blown her fuck ass off.

Even a new person who came after me left. She has no ethic at all. Much as she wants to TELL the world she does- Denial is a sad disease- which she obviously has inherited.

Yeah, I am sure she tells herself she’s some beauty queen. Please. I’d rather vote Paris Hilton over you.

Yes Paris Hilton.

That blonde.

Now it was depressing. Very depressing.

It’s not like I didn’t TRY to like it. But that company made me stay till late at night EVERY day! And they had unnecessary meetings. God even when you’re not involved. I don’t see what a 3 hour meeting would achieve. except a total waste of time and it really makes us slow down on production level. It makes us finish our work late you dumb asshole. And what’s more you had to actually ask permission to leave. Like a fucking school. Damnation on them.

So I was depressed. Really. Eczema reacted and that was just the start. I kept feeling like a loser. It was the last straw. I already decided to quit. Despite the fact that I have been applying for jobs I still had to wait. But being in that hell hole while waiting? It’s not like I didn’t want to stay there. I just could not handle it. It’s just not the kind of writing I want to do. I want to do interesting stuff like the kind I interned for . Features. Or something interesting. Not stupid business magazines or high society muffin headed magazines. It was just too much. Plus that stupid Obese man was so ‘perasan’ and kept sexually harassing me. He’s just lucky I didn’t report his retarded ass.

Wow that felt good just venting…

so after quitting…

I was sad for months.

A nice friend took me to a very amazingly understanding and warm hearted priest who prayed for me. She spoke to me. She understood. She cared. I was never embraced by such a warm hearted person. Aside from my fav aunt, cousins and occasionally good friends whom in few numbers out grows in their qualities. took a while for me to find a new job, but I damn well did. It was in God’s grace. I am sure He has plans. I mean it’s not an ideal whoo-hoo job..but it’ll do as an experience level till something more ideal comes along.

I think it was a good experience..because that ultimate fiasco taught me not to care so much about other people. Priority number one is ME. That’s right.

And a healthy dose of Baz Luhrman’s “Everybody’s Free to wear sunscreen” and some psychology magazines and journals don’t harm either.

It’s a decent job I’m in right now— most of the people here are really friendly..and the boss is quite decent too. So yeah.

It’s a stepping stone. Where ever I go from here is in the hands of the Lord.

I will try to get up here more often.

In other news….

I got my hands on a very good book on copywriting. – Try Joseph Sugarman. He’s a good author and he sure knows his stuff.

Birthday is coming. I’m planning to get a new mobile phone. AWesome right?


Oh Order of the Phoenix-the movie was a bit of a disappointment. Amongst other things..I went to see it with an old college mate. Seeing Snape and Lucius was worth it. You know the most interesting woman in the movie was Tonks.

Oh oh I got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for Rm69.90

I think that brawl over the four bookstores is very unprofessional and immature. So ..your marketing strategist has the brain the size of a pea. Can’t help it if hypermarkets are trying to gain customers old and new for loyalty and also to gain identification. Good for them I say!!!

Shame on those guys who was boycotting innocent buyers. Maybe next time you’ll hire a more reliable and qualified market strategist/media planner/PR/whatever to handle the promotion of your company. Remember you morons, you’re there to make sure customers love your prices..and well stocked books.

Don’t blame it on some stupid little CREATIVE idea that hypermarkets have come up with. Sheesh…and don’t put the consumers group or whatever govt. group that involves with consumers and buying in this.

You only have yourself to blame.

Lesson learned,then?

I am currently developing some creative concepts/ Big ideas for RHB/or maybe Unitar..awesome right?!

This is your local trainee copywriter saying

Do what Walt Disney said and Move forward!

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am loving itβ„’

McD’s! Yum. Yeah Exams are over. Hope I did well. Instincts have told me I’ve done my best this sem. Even for media planning. Yasmin’s well..actually nicer..lord. What happened..? lol. Anyway everything’s all right now. Film studies was a drag. but it is finally done. The gang are doing the editing. Well at least they’re doing something right? Yeah. So anyway am enjoying the break finally. Am a bit nervous about the internship though. Hope I get into a company I’ll be comfy with. Sigh. They said it’ll be 60% evaluation from school and 40% from workplace. Crazy. Isn’t the school supposed to be handling only 40 and workplace 60? Arhg. Christmas is coming and I am so excited. Wish am going to Penang but am not. Sigh, intending to get Xbox..or PS2..also part time job. Which reminds me..must go find now.

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Techno drama

Man why don’t these damn graphics work?! I tried to get some random eggs to appear on my journal and it won’t work! I wanted to get the neopets stuff here but it won’t work either! The injustice!

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Exhibition soon!

My college, KDU will be having a mass communications cultural exhibition June 13th- The Concourse area from 10-4pm Do come and see 13..well the 9 states of Malaysia..eventhough there are a missing 4

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It has ended. Thank God.

Personally I have had enough of thinking pink. It sucks. Period. I mean I am definitely open about a lot of things…but if anyone of you mentions pink to me..grrr…The event was actually okay. I was outbid on some autographed Hanson CDs..and some Rooster ones too..T___T they had some pink T-shirts and CDs too..T_____T I wanted the autographed Hanson CDs so much. Sniffles. Anyway the only fun part I did enjoy throughout the whole thing was the Harith Iskandar standup comedy. He’s damn funny. I like him. yay. Too bad I thought it was lame to ask for his autograph. Well the event died away when some guy started singing. I didn’t like him at all. Then there was this cute girl, to me anyways..a friend of that drama queen in a class of mine, Aishah Sinclair..cute cute cute. She dances..ooh. But well it may have not been quite the Jennifer Lopez/Shakira/pussycat dolls but she did reasonably well. I must say it was because I was too busy looking at her. Hahaha. Hope Jade doesn’t mind me Sinclair’s a nice girl but I only have the heart for Jade. lol. I would like to consider myself a bachelor eventhough I am dating girls….technically anyway. Online I mean. Hell I’m not married, I’m entitled to look at as many women as I want. LOL. Shhh..don’t tell her I said that! She’d be hurt. See? I’m sweet aren’t I? lol. I must admit those days of English in high school is really taking a toll on me. Grammar mistakes whereever I Thank goodness for Mrs Tan. I can always refer to her if I ever need a check up on my written work. Hm. I spoke to my teacher yesterday and well tomorrow I’ll talk to her about the problem I’ve been having around with me. The counsellor made me feel better. She’s not really experienced but she’s okay for a start I suppose. I really hope things work out. I really do have hopes for my studies and Jade. Wish me luck.

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recovery mode

Hey hey it’s either it’s temporary but depression mode is fading off a bit. Dude. Okay I may not shop like a loon nor do I even enter clothes shops. I do that if I want or need to get a shirt, jeans, or t-shirt (even a backpack or sneakers/cap) but shopping DOES make one happy yay. I wish though that I could have gotten a book. I’ve been wanting to get a James Patterson book. I gave that Dan Brown book a chance and it’s pretty intriguing. You know how they say that you only have 5-10 seconds to grab a customer’s attention? Dude hooked me in with the first sentence. I think I’ll go check and see if I can get the book out of the library. dad thinks I shouldn’t read before break. WTF. Up theirs I’d say. I need to take a break now and then too don’t I!?!!! Sheesh. What a mook. Neways I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get any book. I have Monday break because it’s labour’s day man.Oh yeah I got a T_shirt. yay.It hurts to say but the Harry Potter Book 6 is now only like 39.90!!!! God. so totally learned my lesson. I am so not gonna buy it there and then, I’d wait for it to chill..T___T..then I’d get a cheaper price on it..hopefully.But you know I would never heed on my own advise. But again we’ll never know. I think I should get my confidence back so I can focus on my classes again. People’s opinions and insults should not barrier me from succeeding.

Eggy site :

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The progress so far.

Dear Bloggy woggy
Whazzup. School’s been keeping me real busy and the campaign is yet to come however we have come up with different ideas on the posters and flyers..finally. Damn it. Life is a bit silly for me on the relationship side. I know I already went through some disappointment in my love life but I just feel that sometimes I feel lonely. The poem below really says it all. Anyway I know this sounds funny but I always was a bit naive. I was easily influenced by other people but I always knew I could love and trust Sasha, those rumours about her being close to Yasmin scares me a bit. But she seems to be very nice and caring from what I’ve heard from Natassia..a classmate of mine after hearing my piece of mind, Sasha told Natassia to be there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. That was extremely sweet. Perhaps I can go to her after all. Well I can’t blame my heart for feeling lonely right. Sometimes I wish my love life would improve. It’s not that I don’t take my studies and other things seriously I do but you can’t stop the heart can you?I remember what Phil Collins sang in his song ..”You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait, just trust in the good times, it’s a game of give and take..”

His song has so much meaning to it. I sometimes feel that it’s a bit unfair to a point. I wish there was someone special who is always there for me. Someone who’ll love me. There’s that emotional need for freedom ya know? I have been battling this for ages now. Seeing that I have always been tested by God and well fate, I guess it’s just my little sin for not controlling my emotional bank from spilling. I am so touched today by my classmate and my lecturer. Bless them both. Sometimes to a point I wish I had someone I can talk to about life, and not hide my true self. Life is just so much more than just about following the sheep herd. Life is about living it the way you want. To find happiness and fulfillment.But then again why must man be so mean and controlling. Jade hasn’t been on for a couple of days and I think I’m selfish for not giving her the freedom she deserves. I can’t help it. Damn emotional clingings.I don’t deal well with emotional attachments. I am real good with love and all but I still feel I need advise you know. Like a person to talk to about love advise and relationship advise. Note to everyone..NEVER ever talk to those BE-Frienders..or some help line. I don’t find them helpful. They don’t really give real advise. Find a friend you can trust. I wanted to go see a movie today but I stayed in school in the end. Life is sucky. I told Natassia I am in the wrong country, when it comes to relationships. What she did ask me was a bit hurting and offensive too I guess, but I guess she didn’t know. Love has no face. Why put one on it?

She asked me whether I was aware of the biblical rule and stuff but in the end..isn’t it all about love? She asked me whether I was aware of the fact that the bible had forbidden homosexuality. What the fuck? History has been dramatically changed through the centuries. Who knows the truth? Well I will try to take what Natassia has said to a point about not expecting too much and not being too disappointed if this does not work out. Lots of fishes in the sea. But I’m so fed up being hurt and stuff it’s just a bit annoying is all.

If I could find
one great mind
to say why we love
I would not only find but one
but many a blaze

While love cannot minister a town of marigolds
While silver cannot turn to gold
I find it all possible when our hands twine and hold

While I may not find spring forever in her garden
I shall seek it so in thine eyes
like wine a river full of it
full blossom and full bodied
Sometimes when I cannot begin to understand
why I love you
I do not
because I do
and that’s all there is to it

If doubts becomes desirable
you shower me with reassurance

When I am not with you
the winds in the mid afternoons
doesn’t blow
when I find there is one instead of two
the day becomes undeniably wrong

I have no mood for nothing else
when you are not here with me

though it may
be the border of the river that reaches to your gates
thwart your house thwart the bounds
I love you so much
when my thoughts come to us being apart
I kneel on both knees and cry
because I live for only one
and my eyes are for no one else but you

Your name lingers on my pillow
like perfume like flowers like olive oil
you stain my shirt you stain my heart
I desire for more of you
from each day we are apart
I wish forever more
that one day we will be together
like lovers
like married people should

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Okay the project has begun

Meeting at Friday. Icon designing in progress. Classes are as busy as usual Brain is fried to a KFC crisp. I am running here and there trying to get contacts from my group to come for meetings and cooperate. Sigh. Hannah called me and I swear I can relate to how she feels. Jade and I are getting reacquainted πŸ™‚ more news again soon.

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Today. was alright. I’m so glad classes are ending a little later. Means more notes and lecture and that means it’s worth our money and time. I think there’s this teacher she’s got this ‘character’ and I think I should be careful with her. My cat went away 😦 so sad. he’s a good cat. 😦

This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

Eggy site :

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